Bugtraq ID: 76897 Class: Design Error CVE: CVE-2015-8085
CVE-2015-8086 Remote: Yes Local: No Published: Sep 30 2015 12:00AM Updated: Sep 19 2016 05:00PM Credit: The vendor reported this issue. Vulnerable: Huawei S9300 V200R006C00SPC500
Huawei S9300 V200R005C00SPC300
Huawei S5700 V200R006C00
Huawei S5700 V200R005C00
Huawei S5700 V200R003C00
Huawei S5700 V200R002C00
Huawei S5700 V200R001C00
Huawei S5300LI V200R006C00SPC500
Huawei S5300 V200R005C00SPC500
Huawei S5300 V200R002C00
Huawei S12700 V200R006C00
Huawei S12700 V200R005C00
Huawei Quidway S9300 V200R003C00SPC500
Huawei Quidway S9300 V200R003C00SPC300
Huawei Quidway S9300 V200R002C00SPC100
Huawei Quidway S5300 V200R001C00SPC300
Huawei AR V200R005C30
Huawei AR V200R005C20
Huawei AR V200R005C10
Huawei AR V200R003
Huawei AR V200R002
Huawei AR V200R001 Not Vulnerable: Huawei S5700 V200R007C00SPC500
Huawei S5300 V200R007C00
Huawei S12700 V200R008C00SPC500
Huawei Quidway S9300 V200R009C00
Huawei Quidway S5300 V200R007C00
Huawei AR V200R007C00SPC100

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