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Every App team visits the X-Force Cyber Range

Now that EveryApp has seen the Pandapocalypse attacks occur in real time, will they need to sing another chorus of “Where do we go from here?” next episode? Most likely!

How the Command Center Can Help

Network and IT security is no longer a point solution placed on the perimeter. It’s no longer one simple scenario that has a linear playbook of answers. Today’s malicious actors are attackers on all fronts of the ever-expanding enterprise. When businesses make a move to enable themselves with new technology, those that would cause harm won’t be far behind in exploiting any open and available sieves.

The EveryApp team made the right call to visit the Cambridge Command Center to assess the current threat landscape and learn the steps toward rapid remediation. But tomorrow will be a different day.

What about your organization? Are you prepared for today’s threats? What about tomorrow’s unknowns?

Learn More

Interested in learning more about how IBM’s X-Force Command Centers will help clients stay ahead of the most advanced threats? You can:

  • Visit the XFCC website.
  • Read the data sheet, “How IBM X-Force Command Centers Are Changing Security.”
  • Download the white paper, “The Role of Cyber Ranges and Capture the Flag Exercises in Security Incident Response Planning.”
  • Watch the video.

Security Intelligence

Welcome to “In Security,” the new biweekly web comic that takes a lighter look at the dark wave of threats crashing across business networks, endpoints, data and users. Click here for an introduction to the team.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware. While our friends at EveryApp manage to make it a laughing matter, the $ 209 million paid out to black hats in just the first three months of 2016 is nothing to scoff at.

This form of cryptovirology essentially says “stick ’em up” to unlock access to machines and vital data that has been scrambled by the bad guys. Organizations are reluctant to open their checkbooks to unlock the stolen goods, and for good reason. Less than half of ransomware victims fully recover their data even if they pay up. This is especially dangerous business when the data in question involves medical records or financial information.

Although ransomware has been a part of the threat landscape since 1996, it skyrocketed exponentially over the past few years. This has many organizations reeling, trying to figure out how to combat these attacks or, better yet, establish a proactive approach to thwarting these vexing vectors before they have a chance to garble gigs of precious data.

In Security web comic, episode 001 all about ransomware hitting the funny folks at EveryApp.

A Silent Danger

While ransomware has grown rapidly, it still represents an infinitesimal percentage of problems plaguing corporate systems. Although the attack strategies are generally more benign, malware and spyware still account for more than 96 percent of corporate data loss. They are a silent danger, stealing data and slowing systems over time as opposed to a one-and-done denial of service.

Also on the side of angels are companies ready to combat what experts expect to become a billion-dollar crime wave in the next few years.

Keeping Ransomware at Bay

Sadly, companies are most often attacked by insider threats. This doesn’t mean employees are making backroom deals with the mafia of the new millennium; they are simply rendering their organizations susceptible to attack, often unknowingly, through the course of daily business. Ransomware is still most often spread using malicious email links, followed by apocalyptic app downloads.

Education is key. CISOs and IT leaders should inform employees on best practices for endpoint management. They should also implement solutions to protect safe productivity and keep ransomware at bay.

Let us get you started on this lesson with a free report to help you get ahead of EveryApp and keep your black card in your wallet where it belongs.

Download the complete X-Force report: What you need to know about ransomware

Security Intelligence

In this episode, we talk with Mike Tierney, who is the brand-new CEO at Veriato. In our conversation we talk through a primer on insider threat, and use the great example of hosting a dinner party.

Mike has loads of nuggets of wisdom from his experience and we're certain that if you're a seasoned insider threat professional, or just thinking about the topic and wondering if you can do anything to protect your company - this show will be a good primer for furthering your discussion and learning.

Listen in, comment and share with your colleagues! Our show is always safe for the office and educational.

Talk back! Use our Twitter hashtag #DtSR to discuss this episode, ask questions, or suggest other topics or guests for the future!

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Quick note from Michael about the Straight Talk Framework -- >

  • I’ve separated the framework from the programs; the framework is free and available for download from my website. More on the way!
  • To support both the framework and the programs, I’ve just finished a video that introduces the 5 questions; I have an optional workbook available and make a special offer at the end of the video
  • I’m about to launch an online offering… stay tuned for details

$ 2.7 Million HIPAA Penalty For Two Smaller Breaches

  • http://www.healthcareinfosecurity.com/27-million-hipaa-penalty-for-two-smaller-breaches-a-9270?rf=2016-07-18-eh&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWW1GaE5ERmtNR05oTldRMiIsInQiOiJ5YWd6dDg4cW84TXVCR0NCVkJ0KytQTnVwOHQ2UHBON0FMeWVZRDVleE82d3Zpdyt2S1RwNWFmZEs0aVRyQ3lMTlk3YWdaa0VmbnV4djVIOVVxczFUYkdsTHBKRGpld3h5bXU3aHRoNnhUaz0ifQ%3D%3D
  • Interesting the info about the use of Google and lack of contract. How many other health companies are using Google or Microsoft to store some data?  Do they have the contracts in place?

Is the GOP seriously considering endorsing vigilante hacking?!

  • The wording here is dangerous, and could encourage vigilante justice
  • So much could go wrong here, so much collateral damage
  • You’ll likely hear a re-start of the hack back debate
  • http://www.inforisktoday.com/blogs/gop-platform-suggests-hack-back-suitable-cyber-defense-p-2186
  • What if we just called it “forward looking research in a kinetic state?”

NIST declares the age of SMS based 2-factor authentication over

  • https://techcrunch.com/2016/07/25/nist-declares-the-age-of-sms-based-2-factor-authentication-over/
  • Recommendation use app (like google authenticator), RSA token or something similar rather than SMS
  • How will this effect all of the financial institutions that have sms based 2-factor?   Even google supports SMS and App based.  
  • This is an interesting change.  Apparently just being released as part of their call for comments.
  • It’s not a ban; it’s a realization that through VoIP and the general approach to build our phone system, out of band isn’t as out of band as we’d think/like
  • http://krebsonsecurity.com/2016/08/social-security-administration-now-requires-two-factor-authentication/

The ninth circuit holds that accessing a website after receiving a cease and desist order does violate CFAA

  • http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=b042e35f-c9af-4bf4-a3bd-82204189be55
  • Curious if the reverse is true, then. And how bug bounties and other programs might create the invitation for people

A “famed hacker” is Grading Thousands of programs

  • https://theintercept.com/2016/07/29/a-famed-hacker-is-grading-thousands-of-programs-and-may-revolutionize-software-in-the-process/
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