The Arduino team is using Kickstarter to crowdfund their latest project: the ESLOV IoT Invention Kit.

ESLOV is a system of intelligent modules that can be connected in an endless variety of ways, and is meant to simplify the creation of Internet-connected devices.

Arduino's new open source kit makes creating IoT devices easy

The connected modules are plugged into a Wi-Fi and motion hub, which will connect the device (project) to the Internet. Then, the hub has to be connected to the user’s PC so that it can be programmed.

Programming it is extremely easy, though – in fact, no actual programming knowledge is required. By using the ESLOV’s visual code editor, which recognises the modules automatically, the user needs to simply draw connections between them, and the device is ready to be used.

Once the device is connected to the Arduino cloud, the user can control it and interact with it from anywhere, via a computer or smartphone, through a user-friendly interface.

The ESLOV kit consists of the wireless hub and 25 modules. The team welcomes third-party modules – design files and documentation for all modules will be made publicly available, to make it easier for creative people to design and create their own.

The ESLOV kit consists of the wireless hub and 25 modules

The Arduino team needs to raise $ 500,000 to finish the development and production of the ESLOV kit. Potential funders can choose to receive kits of different sizes, priced from $ 49 (you receive just the Wi-Fi hub) to $ 499 (PRO kit: Hub + 22 modules). The various kits can also be combined.

Delivery of the hardware to the backers is scheduled for June 2017.

More technical information can be head on the Kickstarter project page or this blog post.

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